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Mary Santiago is the main character of the movie Another Cinderella Story. She becomes the ward of has-been pop star Dominique Blatt after her mother, who was a background dancer of Dominique's, who had died of cancer. Dominique took her in, but made her as a maid to herself and her daughters while she was not at school. Mary's dream is to become a dancer, like her mom was. When world-wide pop sensation Joey Parker arrives to Beverly Hills and holds a dancing contest, that dream might become true. The day Joey Parker returns to school everyone except her and her best friend, Tammy, mob him. Mary already  had a crush on him since she was a little girl since they both love to dance and because he is "totally kissable", she even made a video when she was 11 years old of him.  At a dance class, Mary is always supposed to go behind the mirror where there is another room, Joey Parker enters to teach them a dance lesson then, he and Mary dance with Mary in one room and him in the other. After she is called by Dominique and has to cook crab puffs for all Dominique's guest including Joey Parker, during this event Mary falls with Joey on top of her. Later on in the film Joey and Mary dance the tango and Joey is in love with her but doesn't know who she is. The day after Joey is searching for the girl he danced with but fails. Mary tells Joey it was her who danced with him but Joey didn't believe her. At the twins 16th birthday bash, they embarrass Mary by showing a video of her dancing to a song by Joey. Joey finds out Mary was the girl he danced with at the ball. Mary is happy as she has got an audition for the dance school of her dreams and rehearse with Joey only later Mary sees Natalia in Joey's bedroom because she broke in the house and Mary thinks he was cheating on her, so they break up. Dominique tells the head teacher that Mary broke her legs and she made a letter saying Mary didn't get the audition. Joey in the end invites Mary on stage where they sing and dance. Mary's dreams have come true. At the end Mary moves away with Joey and quits working with Dominique who broke her own legs.Edit


Mary Santiago is portrayed by Selena Gomez



Mary has a slender figure with brown eyes and curly brown hair. She wears tomboyish, baggy clothes and rides a skateboard. 

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